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Hello.  About me then. I have no idea where the book obsession came from.  I'm not really from a reading family.  I barely go a week without acquiring a book or two and I don't ever care that I ran out of shelf space years ago.  I turned one of the spare bedrooms in my house into a Library and therefore achieved my 'ever since I saw Beauty & the Best' life's ambition.

First Day O'School
Reading in the washbasket, NBD
My humble book beginnings. Yes that in the folder is Biff & Chip, starring in the critically acclaimed thriller The Rope Swing.

So how did I get here? Well first off I wanted to be a dinosaur, then an FBI agent- but then I ended up doing a bunch of degrees and now I'm a librarian. Which isn't really very much like either of the above, but it's fun, and I get to rant to a captive audience of 11-18 year olds about books all day, so that's good.

So being a literature graduate has its pros and cons, reading wise.  I like feeling that I get what's between the lines, what's referring to what, what's an allegory for such-and-such and to be able to go mad with interpretations and meanings...But sometimes it must nice be to just be able to read a book for fun, like when you're a kid. You can never really turn off the 'I need to textually analyse this! What does it mean!?' part of your brain. Plus once you find out about the "Seven Basic Plots" theory it kind of ruins everything forever.

The first books I remember going proper mental for are Enid Blyton's Famous Five stories.  I knew even in the early 90s they were painfully archaic.  I had no idea what ginger beer was, or how these kids managed to talk their parents into letting them go on outrageous adventures with smugglers and gypsies and armed only with sandals and a picnic basket.  I'd read all 21 books by the time I reached the cover-approved-age of 8+. Shocking parental oversight there.  I've still got them, apart from books 18 and 19, for some reason.  I assume these were library-d or lost. There's some new editions showcasing a different contemporary illustrator on each cover and I'm trying hard not to re-buy them all.
They really are good, whatever anybody else says...

I'm a former member, now organiser of the Broadway Book Club,   It's Broadway cinema (cinematic envy of the country) on the last Thursday of the month, if any of you Nottingham people fancy it.

I used to think I only enjoyed Victorian literature, Modern Classics and Sci Fi, but that turned out not to be true. I now read pretty much anything that looks hard about what it is to be a functioning human, and that spans all kinds of genres.

If you'd like to be lovely and send me something to review, you can find me on Twitter @LeanneWain or at leannevwain[at]gmail[dot]com and I will be as honest as I am able. I don't e-read though I'm afraid!

Other skills include: Mastery of flat-pack furniture assembly, being a dab hand with a crossbow and the ability to remain stationary for periods of time only common to the Sloth population.

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